Meditation Series

The Space Behind the Heart: Beginning Meditation

(4-week series)

Does all the latest news and spiritual buzz about meditation raise your curiosity—but your next thought has you believing the act of sitting down to meditate isn’t possible for you?

Do your busy days or anxious thoughts have you longing for restful moments of calm—but the idea of “quieting the mind” or being still finds you reaching for the next distraction?

What if a meditation teacher told you that “quieting the mind” is not requisite for the practice of meditation?

Well, here you go: Quieting the mind is not requisite for the practice of meditation. (Insert bouncing celebratory emojis.)

My name is Tinamarie, and I’m a meditation teacher, connection and communication facilitator and mediator. I’m offering a four-week series in the practice of peaceful abiding meditation. Together, we will learn to tap into an accessible practice of meditation through which you can find an inner experience of home, both when you are on your meditation seat and when you are navigating your daily tasks and relationships. Does the word “home” move something within you, something enlivening… hopeful? Coming home is the experience I have found within my own practice, and let me tell you what: the mind inside my skull is anything but quiet. It is my deep desire to guide you to your own sense of home within yourself as you cultivate your unique experience of meditation practice. Amidst outer demands and this culture of overstimulation, there is a respite.

This series is an invitation to learn to meditate—

that is, to both begin your practice and to cultivate a practice that inspires you to sit each day.

In this series, you will learn and experience practices to help:

♥ decrease anxiety and compulsive thoughts

♥ calm the body when under stress

♥ cultivate self awareness, self acceptance and self compassion

♥ increase concentration and attention span

♥ respond rather than react

♥ enliven your sense of connection with others

Our group will be limited to a maximum of 10 people to support an enjoyable sense of connection. The cost for all four weeks is $100. Join us, and find out what the buzz is really about!

We’ll come together at Austin Ashiatsu:

Sunday, April 8th (5:30-6:45)

Sunday, April 15th (5:30-6:45)

Sunday, April 22nd (5:30-6:45)

Sunday, April 29th (5:30-6:45)

To learn a little more about me, you can read my bio:

I can be reached via email at