Mothering Yourself

For Mother’s Day this year we are encouraging self-love. Mothering Yourself Day, if you will. This may sound really cheesy, but we believe what the world needs is more people who love themselves. Believe it or not, when you love yourself you are changing the world. Think about this, how do you treat others in your mind when you are being hard on yourself? And how do you treat people differently when you are being kind to yourself? There is a shift, right? You affect the world around you every day whether you realize it or not. Trust me, the world knows when your smile is authentic and when it’s not so don’t think you are fooling anybody.

This Mother’s Day, we invite you to join us in our mission of self-mothering. Here are some suggestions to get you started. Carve out a moment to slow down to check in with yourself? Find a quiet place where you can look inward and ask: “What do you need right now?” Wait to see what comes. “What can I do for you that would make you feel loved and supported?” Let your answers come. Write them down. The answer could be as simple as, “I really just need a hug.” Or perhaps it is something like, “I really would like a few days to myself in a beautiful place.” Or “I would really like a massage at Austin Ashiatsu. It has been too long.” If the answer was the last one, we have some good news!

We are open Mother’s Day this year so you can snag your appointment to be taken care of by a staff that will put your needs first. You don’t have to be a Mom to someone else to celebrate Mother’s Day, though you could be. You can choose to mother your own beautiful self!