My Cupping Story

We get questions about cupping every single day. Typically the questions go something like this:

· “What is cupping therapy?”

· “How does it work?”

· “When would you choose to add cupping to an ashiatsu session?”

But just last week, my client Sophia asked, “What is your favorite issue to treat with cupping?” In my 17 years of practicing cupping therapy, no one had ever asked me about cupping in quite that way and so it made me pause. What I realized in that moment is that I have not the story about how cupping saved my life over 20 years ago! So first, I am going to share with you the single event that inspired me to pursue a Masters in Chinese medicine.

There is definitely a story within a story here that we will go into at a later date, but for today, let’s stick to the one about cupping. It was around 1995 and I was staying in a small cabin in the mountains of northern New Mexico with my daughter Sadie. It was middle of winter and we were snowed in. I had come down with a bad cold, which quickly escalated into a full-blown case of pneumonia. This cabin was like a retreat, so there were very few neighbors and no landline. Do you remember the days before cell phones? Well, as the days passed, my symptoms were progressing and I was not in any shape to go searching for help. As chance would have it, a neighbor stopped by and found me in a pitiful state indeed. I was hallucinating from the high fever and hardly even registered her presence. She quickly set out to find help. She returned later that evening with a local acupuncturist who went to work placing the suction cups on my back. Within minutes my fever broke! It felt like a miracle! I had never seen anything like it and I was an instant believer in the power of cupping!

I never saw the acupuncturist again, but that experienced planted a seed that has been blossoming ever sense. I went on to get my training in Chinese medicine and I have trained all of my therapists in cupping therapy.

Returning to Sophia’s question:

Even though I rarely have had the opportunity to use cupping to treat pneumonia, it would win. Obviously, because it literally saved my life! But truth be told, I love using cupping to treat all kinds of issues and the one I am working with in the moment is always my favorite!

At our studio, we combine the cupping with the ashiatsu. It may sound confusing, but the two techniques work together like a dream come true! If you have never tried cupping but you are a little uncertain, you can ask for a mini demo just to test it out before you commit!

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