Relaxation vs. Therapeutic Ashiatsu Massage

You may be wondering what is the difference between our Ashiatsu Therapeutic Massage and our Ashiatsu Relaxation Massage? In this post, we are going to highlight the main distinctions between these two sessions so you can make a well-informed choice.

The basic difference between the two types is the depth of pressure. An Ashiatsu Relaxation massage is a light to medium pressure whereas an Ashiatsu Therapeutic massage is a deep tissue massage.

Let’s begin by talking about why you might choose an Ashiatsu Relaxation massage. If you were someone who enjoys light pressure, as in the type of pressure you might expect in a Swedish style massage, you would definitely choose this option. If you really just want to relax with long, soothing, light massage strokes with absolutely no detailed massage work, this is the massage for you.

Our Ashiatsu Therapeutic massage is for our clients who love deeper work. In fact, for some of these clients the deeper work is quite relaxing. You may not have any particular issues going on at the moment, but because you love deep work you would still choose the therapeutic option.

If you do have something particular going on that you would like to address, the Ashiatsu Therapeutic session will involve a thorough intake process where your therapist will ask you relative questions so she can properly address your needs. She will work closely with you to make sure your needs are being met. At the end of the session, she will give you a brief assessment about what she found during the session. She will also offer a treatment plan that may even include stretches or exercises that you can be doing at home.

Ashiatsu Therapeutic massage is excellent for clients who are prioritizing their health. We typically recommend a routine maintenance schedule of 1x every 2-4 weeks depending on the client’s lifestyle and needs. During treatment of acute or chronic issues, sessions would tend to be more frequent to ensure progress is being made.