The Afterglow

“One of the greatest rewards of being a receptionist at Austin Ashiatsu is that I get to see the miraculous transformation that has occurred as a result of what we do. You come out of that treatment room looking amazing! Sometimes, I even have to do a double take.” – Mary Streepy.

Showing up to be you every single day can be tough. And yet, the world demands that you keep coming back for another round again and again. Why? Because no one else can be you as well as you can. It can be too much at times. However, we know that underneath all of the stress and tension weighing you down is the bright and shining YOU the world needs. We believe when you succeed at being who you are capable of being, the world wins. We are committed to doing our part to clear away the stress and tension so you are free to be the best version of yourself in everything you do. Whenever we see the relief and lightness in you after a session, we feel successful in our mission. Thank you for all that you do everyday. And thank you for letting us help you get it done!