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Our approach includes a blend of deep tissue techniques that are performed with the therapist’s well-trained feet to achieve the highest possible results in a peaceful and nurturing environment.

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Ashiatsu Therapeutic Massage

Ashiatsu therapeutic massage is unique to Austin Ashiatsu and combines techniques of deep tissue, trigger point therapy, shiatsu and myofascial release to undo tension and stress so that you can relax. The therapist’s well-trained feet provide a delicate dance of deep relaxing strokes and just the right detailed and sustained pressure to release muscle tension.

This service is perfect if you really like to see results after a massage. If you have something very specific going on you want to address, this is the massage for you. Examples would include: upper back tension, lower back pain, pain between the shoulder blades, tension headaches, sciatica, etc.

You will have the opportunity to discuss the areas of concern with your therapist before and after your session so she can tailor each session and post-session recommendations to meet your specific needs. $110, $160, $220

Relaxation vs. Therapeutic

60 Min. 90 Min. 120 Min.

Ashiatsu Relaxation Massage

Our ashiatsu relaxation massage is for the client who just wants to relax! The broad and continuous strokes of ashiatsu will gently iron out the stress and tension so you can walk out feeling relaxed and free. If you tend to prefer a medium to light pressure massage for relaxation, this is the choice for you. $100, $150, $200

Relaxation vs. Therapeutic

Ashiatsu with Cupping Therapy

In this treatment, we combine cupping therapy with our Therapeutic Ashiatsu Massage session to maximize your results.

Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese medical technique utilizing small glass cups with a pumping mechanism creating a suction that pulls the muscle tissue up inside the cup. A patient will feel the sensation but it is not painful. This technique, combined with the deep tissue therapy of ashiatsu offers the action of pushing and pulling on the muscle. The dual action of this combination treatment enhances the results of both techniques, offering those persistent areas of tension the encouragement they need to release. $120, $170, $240

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60 Min. 90 Min. 120 Min.

Ashiatsu Thai Massage

Ashiatsu Thai massage blends the two powerful healing modalities of our deep therapeutic ashiatsu massage with the gentle assisted stretching and rocking of traditional Thai massage. This fluid combination of massage techniques works out all the kinks leaving your entire body utterly relaxed and restored. $170, $240

90 Min. 120 Min.

Ashiatsu and Chakra Balancing

Using special techniques combining crystals and sound, we can align your body’s energy through the process of opening and balancing your chakras. Aligning the chakras helps to clear blockages in the body, mind, and spirit. The result of this opening, is the release of stress followed by a renewal of energy. Chakra balancing can be combined with ashiatsu session for a complete mind-body experience. Relaxation $120, $170, $240 Therapeutic $130, $180, $240

Relaxation 60 Min. 90 Min. 120 Min.

Therapeutic: 60 Min. 90 Min 120 Min

Life Coaching

  • Your life is good, but are you ready for it to be great?
  • Wanting to make some changes, but you are feeling a bit stuck?
  • Is doubt or fear getting in your way?

These are challenges people face every day and the good news is that you can get through to the other side and live the life that has been waiting for you. Life coaching is about meeting you exactly where you are to help you get out of your own way so you can embrace your best destiny. Contact us to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with Cathy Walker MA, L.Ac, CLC, to find out if Life Coaching is right for you.

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The process of hypnotherapy helps you achieve a deeper state of mind, where you are more receptive to positive ideas. The process is designed to bypass the conscious mind that tends to reject change. Hypnosis is a deep relaxed state where you have access to your subconscious mind where you can affectively replace negative beliefs or thought patterns with positive ones.

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Single 90-min. session $230, 3-session pkg. $600, 6-session Package $1,200 . Packages include a customized self-hypnosis audio.