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Welcome to Austin Ashiatsu

We are a locally owned  massage studio, specializing in the deep tissue style of body work known as ashiatsu. Ashiatsu is a modern, innovative adaptation of therapeutic massage and is new to the Austin area. This unique style utilizes pressure and massage strokes delivered by the practitioner’s well trained feet. The goal is to transform your muscular tension into a harmoniously flowing natural state, free from pain.

Using feet instead of hands allows for a number of added benefits. One of the most noticeable benefits is the amount of consistent pressure we are able to sustain throughout the session. The therapist uses bars suspended from the ceiling to adjust the amount and angle of pressure to meet the client’s specific needs for comfort and therapeutic benefit. The pressure is firm and constant as the body is being, quite literally, ironed out. Ironing out muscle fibers from end to end has a cleansing effect. Old blood and toxins are squeezed out of the muscle allowing fresh new blood to enter and rejuvenate the tissue. Along with the consistent pressure, our ashiatsu therapists are able to access the muscles from a number of angles extremely difficult to accomplish in a typical hand massage session. Accessing the muscles in new and effective ways translates into more consistent and comprehensive results.

At Austin Ashiatsu, we address a wide variety of issues. Our clients’ bodies are in pain due to overuse, injury or stress.  Some of the most frequent issues we treat include lower back pain, upper back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip pain, neck pain, foot pain, thigh and leg issues, as well as non-specific pain. Some of our clients are recovering from injury including car accidents, sports injuries, work related injuries, and even pain from sitting at a desk for long periods.  Some clients come to us fatigued or with symptoms of depression and find our approach relieves their mental tension as much as their muscle tension. We see clients from all walks of life: athletes, laborers, office workers, parents, anyone feeling pain is welcome.  At Austin Ashiatsu, we strive for a total life transformation for each of our clients.  If you are ready to release your pain, we are waiting to facilitate your process.

We offer a holistic approach that caters to the client’s specific needs. We understand you are unique, which is why we spend ample time listening to you during our intake on your first visit. We believe active listening is one of our most important roles as therapists. We understand you know the nuances of your body better than anyone and we want to hear what you have to say. Our aim is to address your issues at their root cause and that requires the practitioner and the client are working together. Our staff are highly trained professionals committed to offering each of our clients the highest quality care with lasting results. Give us a call today or schedule online with our automated system. We look forward to working with you!


Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-5pm
Phone Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-4pm
(512) 628-0333
1306 E. 7th st
Austin TX 78722

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