It is an ancient Chinese medical technique that utilizes small glass cups. The cup is placed in areas of muscle constriction and a vacuum is created within the cup that causes a suction action pulling the muscle tissue inside the cup. Traditionally, fire is used to create the vacuum. Modern cupping devices have been crafted that achieve the same result using a pumping device. Our studio has transitioned into the modern method of cupping as the tool allows for more precision in the treatment.

How does cupping work?

You might be curious about the “cupping marks” that can be an after affect of the cupping? Interestingly enough, these marks are not bruises. It is actually old blood that has been sitting stagnant in the muscle. The cups will actually pull the old blood out of the muscle so that the body can recirculate it. The marks typically take about one week to fade depending on how efficiently your circulatory system is currently working.

Cupping is also used to release muscle tension. If you have an area that is bound up and the muscle just won’t seem...


This high vibrational treatment empowers you to shine from the inside out. We use sounds, scents, vibrations (e.g., tuning forks), and energy work to induce a meditative state, activating your right brain consciousness and putting you in touch with your own limitless potential. If you have had difficulty achieving this higher state of awareness through your own meditation practice, this treatment is a way you can experience what all the fuss is about.

But, you may ask, what is the point of all this energy and chakra balancing? Here it is: You see, the truth about you, is that you have within you the potential for a miraculous life no matter your circumstances. The only thing in your way in any given moment, are the self-limiting thoughts in your head that are going non-stop from the second you open your eyes in the morning until you fall asleep at night. Quiet the thoughts in your head and you are only left with the beautiful raw you which is infinite potential. Our approach to raising your vibration, accessing your creative, emotional consciousness, helping...


Adding stretching to your therapeutic massage is a deeply relaxing way to relieve tension through mindful movement. This combo can help increase flexibility, range of motion and improve mobility through a unique blend of ashiatsu massage, breathwork and passive stretching.