"No better spot in Austin to get therapy!"

I have been a client of Austin Ashiatsu for over a decade now and can vouch for the fact that they have an excellent team of therapists and their location has great ambiance. No better spot in Austin to get therapy!

-Jeff G.


Transcendent!!! This is the best massage ever. It leaves me woozy every time and the next morning I feel more limber, which only gets better through the week. Then I go back and they open up a little bit more of the spaces in my muscles that other massages were just leaving locked in there and the next morning it is even better....honestly, try it. You will love it.

-Lucille S.

"I've been going here for years"

I’ve been going here for years now. I won’t go anywhere else. I love it so much! Their new space is beautiful, clean, calm, and just feels like home. I’ve had numerous different massage therapists and each one was phenomenal!

-Josephine B.

"Beyond Amazing"

This massage technique is beyond amazing...life changing! I can never go back to traditional deep tissue massage again. The staff is kind and knowledgable. I'm on vacation and decided to try it out based on the stellar reviews and I was NOT disappointed!! I am terming one more time before I leave to go home- it was just that good!! PS I did the massage with cupping and found it very beneficial. I am combo with massage and chakra balancing today. So excited!

-Amanda A.

"Best Massage I've Ever Had"

Best. Massage.I've.Ever.Had.

And I've had many, and many types. This is certainly the most physical + emotional work that has been done on me in a session. I really appreciated her talking to me throughout the process, explaining what was going on, and even giving me insights into the actual muscles that were plauging me. I had a lot of pain after for about a week, pretty horrible pain actually, but then it got much better than it had been. And THAT is amazing.

-Jess M.

"Amazing Ashiatsu"

I've been to Austin Ashiatsu many, many times and had various therapists work on me - always a pleasure and I leave feeling like a new person. This clinic has ruined me for all other massages, in a good way! Each time I leave, I eagerly anticipate my next visit - healing therapy for sure!!! Go see these folks for an excellent experience!

-Dexter L.